Renovation in Rokakoen



設計:f a r m




規模:木造 地上3階建て

延床面積:173.52 m²

改修面積:50 m²



completed in 2019

Design:f a r m


Site:Setagaya-ward, Tokyo

Major use:Housing

Structure:Wooden, 3rd floor

Total area:173.52 m²

Renovation area:50 m²


 築30年の戸建て住宅の2階の改修である. 既存のL字型のLDKは4面に窓を持ち、東側は緑道、西側は空地があることで明るく風も抜ける可能性を持ちながら、東側施設との距離の近さや、窓周りが物で溢れるといった理由で上手く機能していなかった.そこで、ワンルームのLDKを中心のホールスペースとそれをサポートするサブルームや収納などに分節し、内部同士や内部と外部の関係を再構築しようと考えた.



This is a renovation of the second floor of a 30-year-old housing. The existing L-shaped LDK has windows on four sides, a green road on the east side, and a vacant lot on the west side, so it has the potential to be bright and breezy, but it was not functioning well due to the distance from the facility on the east side and the overflow of things around the window. Therefore, we decided to divide the one-room LDK into a central hall space and supporting sub-rooms and storage areas, and to reconstruct the relationship between the interior and the exterior.

 First, we drew a diagonal dividing line that would open up on the front road side. With the diagonal dividing line as the starting point, the L-shaped space becomes a collection of irregular spaces, with the hall space in the center and various depths between the surrounding sub-rooms. A large kitchen room open to the northwest, a study room with a TV and storage space for books, a stateroom, and a laundry room that serves as a buffer to the sunroom (balcony) are all finished in different materials and colors. The shape of the hall can be changed in several ways. The upper part of the doors also functions as a continuous display shelf. The shape of the hall is a combination of two right-angled triangles, and the flooring and ceiling paneling are placed in the diagonal direction of the triangles to weaken the axis of the existing building, and to create an equivalent relationship from the hall to the sub-rooms and outsides.

 The one room, which is divided and connected by air, creates a more generous environment by redefining the way it expands and its range, and gives a new openness to life.