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Status:concept making

Site:Ahmedabad India

Main use:Housing
Structure:Brick + Steel, 2nd Floor

Total area:

246.76 m²(East)



敷地:インド グジャラート州 アーメダバード

規模:組積造+鉄骨造 地上2階建て


246.76 m²(最終東棟)




  This is a project that will start out as one house for one family and will be extended in stages to become two separate houses in the future, one for the children family and one for the parents.
  Relying on the requirement of changing from one house to two houses, we thought of constructing the entire building with a steel roof that creates a generous shade space between the marble blocks protected from the desert climate environment. Initially, stone volumes containing bedrooms and bathrooms were scattered over the entire site of the two houses, and shaded spaces created by steel roofs were placed between them. As the marble volumes are added step by step, the role of the adjacent shaded spaces also changes step by step, such as a large interior hall in one place and a semi-exterior loft space in another. The marble volumes are made of the same material but finished in different ways to give them different expressions. The rough, outdoor rock-like texture and the polished, interior texture appear across the interior and exterior, and the shaded space connects the interior and exterior equally, creating a generous environment.

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